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Fremont State Lakes

One of eastern Nebraska's most popular recreation areas, Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area has about 40 land acres and nearly 300 water acres in 20 sandpit lakes. Located three miles west of Fremont, this is a favorite area with campers, picnickers and water enthusiasts who come for great boating, fishing and water skiing.

Louis E. May Museum

The original home was built in the Italianate Revival style. Theron Nye built the house in 1874. His son inherited the home in 1900 and remodeled the home from 1901 until 1912. The current style of the home is Georgian or Classical Revival and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The grounds are a Nebraska Arboretum Site.

Sac Museum

In former years this was known simply as the SAC (Strategic Air Command) Museum, it was at Offutt Air Force Base, and everyone knew what it was about. BOMBS! Well -- bombs and the hardware that carried them. Axis-cracking bunker-busters and big, bad, Commie-toasting fryboys, slung inside the bellies of B-52s. If Brezhnev or Mao ever got cocky, all they had to do was look at pictures of the old SAC Museum, and they'd simmer down.

Bryson's Airboat tours

Bryson's Airboat Tours not only takes people on adventurous rides up and down the Platte River but also caters to individual and group needs. If adventure is wanted, adventure will be delivered; however, if riders are more interested in seeing the scenery at a slower pace, a peaceful and relaxing ride will take place.